Who is Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend: what he does in life, but not only

Who is Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend: what he does in life, but not only; all the curiosities about him.

Their story was born more than five years ago and, through their respective social channels, they often share enchanting couple shots. Let’s talk about Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza, one of the most beautiful and solid couple of the moment.

Goffredo and Aurora (Instagram Credits)

The daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker met Goffredo in 2017, in London, where he was studying: from there the beginning of a wonderful love story. But what does the 26-year-old Roman who stole Aurora’s heart do in life? Here are some curiosities about him.

Aurora Ramazzotti, who is and what does her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza do in life

His name is Goffredo Cerza and for about five years he has been the life partner of the beautiful Aurora Ramazzotti. The presenter often shows herself in the company of her on her very popular Instagram profile and the couple can count on a real host of fans. But what do we know about Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker’s son-in-law?

Goffredo is 26 years old and comes from Rome, the city where he graduated from Marymount International School. Moving to London, he graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of London and holds a master’s degree in International Business at Hult International Business School. Today Goffredo is an M.arketing Manager and Business Analystbut alongside his work there is his great passion.

Let’s talk about sport and fitness, that in the life of the 26 year old Roman have always played a role of great importance. As you can see on his Instagram channel, where Goffredo has always shared training and results, but that’s not all. The boy, in addition to being enrolled in the Spartan Race, as stated in his Instagram bio, he also has an account dedicated solely to sport, “Kingcerzfitness”. What do we know about his family?

As we read on Vanity Fair, the whole Cerza family works in the health sector. Mamma Francesca is the manager of a clinic in Rome, while her father Fabio is a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Goffredo also has an older sister, Carolina Cerza, who works as a molecular biologist, after earning a master’s degree in Assisted Reproductive Medicine and one in Nutrition, as stated in her Instagram biography.

Goffredo is very popular on Instagram: his official channel has more than 140 thousand followers, with whom he shares several shots of his days. Here is one of the images posted by Goffredo during this summer:

goffredo cerza aurora ramazzotti
Goffredo Cerza (Credits Instagram)

And you, did you know all this information about Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend? What are you waiting for to follow the couple on social media? Their profiles are full of super original and interesting content, you won’t regret it.