Who is Jo Squillo’s daughter and what she does in her life: all the background

Do you know Jo Squillo’s daughter? In this article we reveal all the background about her: who she is and what she does in life

She made herself known by entering the house of Big Brother Vip to surprise her mother: but who is Jo Squillo’s daughter? Below we reveal all the background on her.

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Who is Jo Squillo’s daughter: all the background on her (Source: Instagram)

Who is the daughter of Jo Squillo

Giovanna Maria Coletti, better known as Jo Squillo, is a famous singer-songwriter, television host and activist. It first established itself as an exponent of punk rock music and then moved towards dance pop, achieving strong success with the song “We are women“.

In the 90s he also started a career in the world of television, conducting or participating in various capacities in numerous programs over the years. In the 2000s he founded a satellite channel called Class TV Moda.
Since the beginning of her career she has also been an activist for a variety of issues, including feminism and ecology.

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Jo Squillo experienced a difficult drama, in fact, a guest at Verissimo, revealed that he was the victim of stalking
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As for his private life, is married to Gianni Muciaccia, but the two have not had sons. Jo is however very attached to a girl, whom she considers her ‘daughter’. Is called Michelle Masullo and we met her during the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Michelle surprised her ‘mom’ by entering the most spied-on house in Italy.

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The two women are linked by a sincere affection, which goes beyond the relationship between blood relatives. Although not her natural daughter, Michelle considers Jo a real mom. The two met about three years ago and Michelle has been an integral part of Jo’s family ever since. Both the singer-songwriter and her husband, in fact, are very proud of her and consider her a daughter.

Michelle is 21 years old and works as a Friulian model. She is very popular on social media, where she shares a lot of her interests and her work. She is very fond of fashion, attends university and is actively socially engaged, just like her ‘mum. In fact, in her description she defines herself as a supporter of women and more.