Who is Joel Arauz, Shakira’s bodyguard who is all the rage in the networks

The name of Shakira It does not stop taking over the portals of the whole world. Since his separation from Gerard Piqué, everything that refers to the former partner or, specifically, to the Colombian singer is a reason to pay attention. She was recently linked to a new man and the world wants to know who she is.

Although it is not in the field of love, Shakira is accompanied all the time by Joel Arauz, who plays the most important role in his life and that is to watch his back. The bodyguard of the Colombian has captured the eyes and above all has stolen sighs from millions of followers and followers.

Ever since, but especially lately, Shakira She has been a victim of the paparazzi, as they have followed her everywhere she goes. It is precisely this reason that has led the Barranquilla woman to take preventive security measures by taking her bodyguard everywhere, who has been taking care of her at the foot of the canyon, as well as her children, Milan and Sasha.

There are repeated appearances where reporters have seen joel arauzy Shakira together, of course because of the work he has in the life of the artist. What is striking is that her physical attractiveness has managed to steal millions of sighs to such an extent that most of them think that she dethroned the beauty of Gerard Piqué.

Joel Arauz has become one of the most important figures in recent weeks and, despite the fact that he is in charge of protecting Shakira, he already has a queue of users waiting to know more about him. It has raised her level of popularity so much that the female bias of the singer’s followers have decided to follow him on social networks.