Who is Koko, the dog who is a fan of Karol G and is all the rage on TikTok

Colombian singer Carol G. 32 years old is a worldwide phenomenon. In addition to being one of the most listened to artists, she is one of the most followed on social networks from different latitudes and that is translated into her more than 57 million followers on the camera’s social network.

Carol G. She is very active on the Internet, but so are her fans who constantly seek imitations and comparisons with La Bichota and also play her songs endlessly on different platforms. The truth is that now a dog that is also a fan of the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ has attracted attention.

It is about a Border Collie breed dog that howls, gets desperate and starts spinning every time it hears the voice of Carol G. This mascot that achieved fame in TikTok after her owner published several videos where she has the same behavior, she is called Koko.

Koko stole the hearts of thousands of fans of Carol G. that they began to share their videos on the net with flattering comments towards their way of reacting every time they listen to Bichota’s music since they seem to be doing the choruses of the songs. Eñ animal is presented on TikTok as “a very intelligent BorderCollie!!! I like to sing. I love music”.

“The little friend has good taste”, “Hahahaha he knows that she is the best, how cute”, “It’s serious, how beautiful”, “Oh, I loved it”, were some of the reactions of the fans of Carol G. watching Koko’s video. What we still don’t know is if La Bichota saw it, because she will surely take it on stage with her in some of her next shows.