Who is Lazza’s girlfriend and what does she do in life: the dedication that leaves everyone breathless

Do you know Lazza’s girlfriend? She is who she is she and what she does with her life. Her dedication to the Milanese singer left everyone breathless. Here are what his words were

Lazza is the pseudonym of Jacopo Lazzarini. He is a rapper born in Milan on August 22, 1994. After having conquered the peaks of all the rankings in recent years, he decided to present himself on the stage of theAriston to the San Remo Festival, with the intention of being appreciated also by the general public. And it is particularly evident that his intent was successful. his song, Ashfinished in second place in the general classification, surpassed only by the final winner of the Ligurian event, Marco Mengoni.

Debora Oggioni and her boyfriend, the Milanese rapper Lazza (credits: Instagram) sologossip.it

Do you know his girlfriend? Her name is Deborah Oggioni and is very popular on social networks. Opening his official page of Instagram, in fact, it is immediately noticeable that she is followed by more than 110,000 followers. Very important numbers, even if not even remotely comparable to those collected by her boyfriend. Lazzaor thelazzinhothis is the nickname of the Lombard rapper, has about 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Today we will try to get to know better Deborah Oggionithe girlfriend of the singer who finished second in the last edition of San Remo Festival. Who is she, where and when she was born, what is her profession and how did she get to know her Lazza. Here are all the details you absolutely need to know about Deborah Oggioni.

Debora Oggioni, who is Lazza’s girlfriend

Deborah Oggioni she is the rapper’s girlfriend Lazza. It is registered in Instagram with the nickname debbioggioni and she is a model. Scrolling through her bulletin board, in fact, we can notice several artistic photos, some of them in bathing suits. In these photos he shows off an enviable physique and in fact it is these shots that are most appreciated by his followers, especially by the male audience.

Debora Oggioni in a swimsuit (credits: Instagram) sologossip.it

Besides being a model, Deborah she is also a stewardess. The information we have about her is not so much, also because she hardly shares private facts on social networks. We know who she is engaged to Lazza since 2020, even if they have only recently formalized their love relationship. Was Fedezthrough a story about Instagramto reveal the secret. It seems that the love story between the model and the rapper is pretty solid.

Just in a post about Instagram, Lazza dedicated a very moving dedication to her: I would like to stay here and write you 200,000 nice words to catch likes, but the most beautiful things are always the ones that are not said. Thanks for all the times you saved my life”. It is not known how he did it Deborah to save his life and we don’t know if it’s a metaphor or a reference to real events, certainly the notoriety of the rapper will allow his fans to know some more details in the near future.