Who is Liz Truss, the new premier in Great Britain

She is the third woman to reach the top of the government, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May

Liz Truss wins the Tory primary and becomes the new British premier. It is the third time that a woman has reached the top of government in the UK, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

The daughter of a maths professor who votes for Labor, after a short career as an accountant and a past in the Lib Dem ranks, Truss entered Parliament in 2010 and has since started climbing the party hierarchy. A supporter of ‘remain’ at the fateful referendum on leaving the EU in 2016, as the Guardian points out, she compensated for the ‘mistakes’ of her youth by quickly becoming an uncompromising ‘Brexiter’, relying on her loyalty to Johnson and her comparison with the Iron Lady, of which she often copies the iconic blouse with the bow.

In recent months he has been able to exploit the war in Ukraine to rise to the new Thatcher thanks to harsh anti-Putin rhetoric. She honey for the Tory press and middle-class seniors who represent the largest chunk of party members. According to the Times, she will also declare China an “acute national threat” like Russia. She then became the protagonist of a long-distance controversy with Macron, which predicted “serious problems” between France and Great Britain, since the minister did not answer those who asked her if she considered the French president a friend or an enemy of the British. .

Among the first problems it will have to face, that of the increase in the cost of living, which in Great Britain – as in many other European countries – is reaching record levels. Truss launched his campaign with the promise of large tax cuts, recently ruling out energy rationing.