Who is Marianna Morandi, actress daughter of Gianni

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In the last few hours, many are talking about Marianna Morandi, the daughter of Gianni Morandi. The reason is linked to a long interview given to Corriere della Sera by the singer-songwriter Biagio Antonacci. The artist has confessed to being consumed by feelings of guilt for the separation from her and for the pain that that separation has caused to their children.
And shortly after Marianna Morandi herself thus expressed herself on the Rai1 program Today is another day: “I read the interview. I think that we all have a bit of a sense of guilt, especially in the face of separations and in front of children. Unfortunately it is part of the route. But he was an exceptional father, he is an exceptional father and therefore he mustn’t feel guilty, he was good.”

Marianna Morandi is the second child of the famous Gianni and Laura Efrikian. She is 54 years old today and, during her speech by Serena Bortone on the Rai program, she wanted to dedicate words of love to her children, Giovanni and Paolo, born from her relationship with Biagio Antonacci.

Very little is known about Marianna Morandi’s private life, especially since she decided to leave the world of entertainment permanently (of which she was a part as an actress). Instead, as far as Biagio Antonacci is concerned, for some years the musician has been romantically linked to the journalist Paola Cardinale, thanks to whom he became a father again in 2021, the year in which Carlo was born.

Paolo Antonacci, one of today’s most important musical authors

Instead, Antonacci’s son named Paolo, had with Marianna Morandi, is one of the most famous musical authors in Italy. Many homegrown hits bear his signature, from Tango by Tananai a One thousand of Fedez up to My love by Annalisa.
In the interview with the Rai program, Marianna Morandi spent words of pride towards her son Paolo, who decided to leave school at the age of 16 to follow his father on tour. Even if at the time that choice caused many problems (of various kinds, also affecting the relationship between her and her son), that decision still remained important for her career. Paolo Antonacci in fact then returned to school, graduated and never abandoned his great love: music, a passion inherited from his famous father and from his famous maternal grandfather.

Marianna Morandi, daughter of art turned actress

Marianna Morandi was born in Rome on February 14, 1969. She is the second child of singer and actor Gianni Morandi (the eldest daughter, Serena, lived only a few hours after giving birth).
Gianni Morandi had it together with his first wife, the actress Laura Efrikian, with whom he also had Marco Morandi, a singer profession like him.
Marianna has a half-brother, the rapper Thirteen Pietro, born Pietro Morandi (son of Gianni Morandi’s second marriage).

Marianna Morandi’s debut in show business took place in music

Marianna Morandi made her debut in the seven notes when she was a child: she made her debut as a singer in the song You are strong dadrecorded by her father in 1976. With her was another child: Andrea Zambrini, son of the author of music Bruno Zambrini.
Marianna then devoted herself to her true passion: acting, which she also inherited from her father. She graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome.

A career that begins in the theater and lands on TV

She began her career as a stage actress making her debut in Don Giovanni by Molière directed by Glauco Mauri, ne The miser by Molière, directed by Giulio Bosetti and in Risk by Francesco Apolloni directed by Pino Quartullo.

He then moved on to the small screen, starring in the Canale 5 TV miniseries The power of love (1998), alongside his father Gianni and the actress Elena Sofia Ricci, e Mothers of 1999, directed by Angelo Longoni (who will also direct it in One year in spring 2005, Rai 2 TV miniseries with Giorgio Pasotti and Nicoletta Romanoff).
As for the TV series The power of lovewe recall that a scene with a kiss on the mouth between father Gianni and daughter Marianna had aroused quite a few controversies.

She was Biagio Antonacci’s partner for nine years

Marianna Morandi was for nine years (from 1993 to 2002) the partner of the singer-songwriter Biagio Antonacci, with whom she had two sons: Paolo and Giovanni.

The first is, as we have already said, a well-known musical author, while the second is a rap singer. In the nineties Marianna appeared in the song I will work (from the album Biagio Antonacci from 1994) by Biagio Antonacci in a rap verse.
Since 2011 he has been the AISM testimonial in the AISM La gardenia campaign.