Who is Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi’s hairstylist?

Do you know who the hairstylist of Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi is? Let’s find out together.

Perhaps, not everyone knows, but Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi have something in common. Yes, of course, they are both of the beloved conductors. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to see them conducting many broadcasts.

Who is the hairstylist of Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi (source instagram)

Michelle Hunziker has recently been busy with the new edition of All Toghether Now. Ilary Blasi comes from conducting the famous island, where his frankness and spontaneity have been rewarded. Also next year, in the new edition, she will be the presenter. But what do they have in common? Well, the hairstylist, that’s right! But do you know who is the professional who takes care of their look? Let’s find out together.

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Do you know who the hairstylist of Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi is?

Her name is Alessia Solidani and she is the hairstylist of some of the much loved stars, such as Michelle Hunziker and Ilary Blasi. But among her clients there are many important personalities from the world of entertainment, such as Sabrina Ferilli, Stefania Orlando, Eleonora Pedron. At Fanpage.it he told how it all began, up to today.

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Solidani today is a real entrepreneur. He founded a brand that bears his name and has five salons in the capital. He does not differentiate between clients, whether they are ‘famous’ or not, he always tries to bring out and enliven their personalities. It all started when her mom sent her to a hairstylist academy. She began working in the entertainment world in 1995, when she was sent by the academy in the show Number 1 by Pippo Baudo. Since that time, his career has been all uphill.

Michelle Hunziker with Alessia Solidani
instagram source

It was Alessia who curated Michelle Hunziker’s revolutionary haircut. After almost 20 years, the presenter has decided to do the helmet. But among her clients there is also Ilary Blasi, who has never been afraid to try and experiment. From the colors to the famous wigs used during the running of Il Grade Fratello Vip. The hairstylist has a great goal, to make his story known.