Who is Ornella Muti’s daughter and what she does in her life: not everyone knows

Among the icons of Italian cinema, Ornella Muti has an equally beautiful and charming daughter: do you know who she is and what job she does?

Ornella Muti she was and still is one of the symbolic faces of the Italian big screen, but not everyone knows her eldest daughter, Naike Rivelli. She was born on 10 October 1974 in Munich, she has two other brothers, Carolina and Andrea Fachinetti, born from the second marriage of her mother.

Ornella Muti, do you know her daughter? (Credits: Instagram)

Naike, however, is not the daughter of Muti’s first or second husband: the surname is in fact that of the mother, who is called Francesca Rivelli. His real father’s name was never revealed: “My father I don’t know who he is and I don’t want to know. There was Federico Facchinetti, the parent of my brothers, and I always called him dad “, said the woman during the program Do not disturb. On that occasion, he admitted that the discovery that he was not his father, which occurred six years earlier, it was a real shock to her.

From Ornella, the splendid 48-year-old has certainly inherited her great beauty, but also her passion for the profession of actress. In fact, she embarked on that career when she was only 16, in the film Ettore Scola The journey of Captain Fracassa. Before this debut, she had taken part as a child in Steno’s film entitled Bonnie and Clyde in the Italian style in which his mother also played.

Since then, Naike has landed other roles in various films, but her career isn’t lacking either TV where it debuted in 1999, when it led Paperissima Sprint and in which he also worked in some sitcoms. Subsequently she participated as competitor to The restaurant and from Beijing Express together with his stepbrother Andrea during the fourth edition of the reality show, broadcast by Rai Due at the time.

Naike Rivelli not just an actress: what Ornella Muti’s daughter does

Not many know this, but Muti’s bubbly daughter has also made a foray into the music scene under the stage name of Nayked: in 2011 he even released an album with the name Metamorphose Me. Mother and daughter have been living together in the countryside for some years, precisely in Ovada, in the province of Alessandria.

Naike is the mother of Akash, born in 1996 from the relationship with Cristian Cetorelli. The boy now lives in the United States where he attends the university. In 2002 the actress married the German German actor Manou Lubowski but the marriage ended just 9 months later and then divorced in 2008.

During his participation in the Beijing Express, Ornella Muti’s daughter met Yari Carrisithe son of Al Bano and Romina Power and during the program she became pregnant with him. Unfortunately she lost her baby a few weeks later to a miscarriage. The couple managed to overcome the strong trauma, but after some time the two broke up.

daughter of Ornella Muti
Curiosities about Ornella Muti’s daughter (Credits: Instagram)

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