Who is Paloma Cuevas? the new girlfriend and "midwife" by Luis Miguel

It was some photos that were recently leaked that “confirmed” the romance between the Mexican singer Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri and his new girlfriend dove caves.

The couple was seen in a well-known store where they went to buy their Christmas gifts and, despite the fact that they asked to close the store and made sure to have the maximum security measures, a photo was leaked anyway in which “El sol de México” hugged Paloma by the waist and that was enough to assume that the two have an affair.

It should be noted that the rumors that Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas are a couple did not start recently, but for several months now there has been talk that there is something more serious between them than a simple friendship.

Who is the new girlfriend of Luis Miguel Paloma Cuevas?

dove caves She is a designer and is 50 years old. She was married to the bullfighter Enrique Ponce with whom she had two daughters named Paloma and BIanca.

He has known Luis Miguel for years, so it is nothing new that they have a friendship. However, in July 2022, talk began that there was something more between Paloma and Luis Miguel, since it was revealed that they were spending a few days of romance in Madrid after meeting in the city of Miami.

Is Paloma Cuevas a comadre of Luis Miguel?

Along with the initial rumors of romance, kinships also appeared. Already at the end of 2022 when they began to speak with certainty of the possible affair between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas when the scope was made that, technically, they are in-laws since she would not only be his girlfriend but would also be his comadre, since Cuevas She is the godmother of Miguel Gallardo Arámbula along with her ex-husband Enrique Ponce.

The photos that confirm the romance of Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas

It was the photos shown by the Spanish magazine Semana that somehow confirmed that Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas are having a romance.

The photos were taken during their visit to the “El Corte Inglés” store and the simple fact that “Luismi” took Paloma by the waist was enough to spread the news that the two are going through a nice moment together