Who is Rosalía’s real father came to light

Spanish singer Rosalia 28 years old is one of the most listened to artists of the moment and also one of the most followed on social networks where she accumulates more than 18 million followers from all latitudes. He is always in the media spotlight due to his songs and clips but now he has become a trend due to his enormous resemblance to his colleague Elvis Crespo.

The Rosalía. Source: Terra file

For some time fans of The Rosalia They say on social networks that the true father of the Catalan artist is the salsa singer Elvis crespo. The first comparison due to the enormous physical resemblance of both was made in 2019 when a Twitter user viralized an image of both on the front page.

Elvis Crespo. Source: instagram @elviscrespolive

Now it was the same Elvis crespo who made a post on TikTok in which he points out the physical similarities between him and The Rosalia and next to the clip he wrote: “OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: @ rosalia.vt is not my daughter.” Fans immediately reacted with memes and thousands of comments.

At the moment, the Catalan has not responded to the video of the Puerto Rican artist but the similarity between the two is undeniable. Another of the Internet users made a photographic production in which both are shown in the foreground and they really look like father and daughter. Is that the real father of Rosalia his name is José Manuel Vila.

Elvis and Rosalía. Source: twitter @showmundialshow

If studied in detail, the official photo of the album released in 1998 of ‘Suavemente’ by Elvis crespo and it is compared with an image from the video clip ‘With height’ by Rosalia edited in 2019, both pose in the same way, the camera takes them with the same shot and they are identical.