Who is Shakira’s ex-boyfriend who could cure her heart, after her breakup with Gerard Piqué

Colombian singer Shakira 45-year-old trying to pick up her life in the midst of her divorce with Gerard Piqué But for this, he must first finish resolving the issue of custody of his children, Milan and Sasha. Apparently the soccer player does not want the children to leave Spain and that is why he complicates the negotiations.

Shakira She broke her silence a few days ago in Elle magazine in Spain and said that she sacrificed her career to stay in her partner’s country, enroll the children in school in Barcelona and support Gerard Piqué to win titles and be one of the best players in the world.

Now Shakira He considers that it is his turn and that is why he wants to go live in Miami, a city where he considers his professional career to be. But now it is known that the singer has more than one reason to insist on having her children since a man is waiting for her in the United States.

Shakira. Source: Terra archive

It is about the Argentine businessman Antonio de la Rua, who was in a relationship for 11 years with Shakira and witnessed the explosion of the Colombian to the world through her music. Apparently the singer has been in contact with her ex in the midst of her divorce with Pique and they would have planned a meeting in Miami for when she manages to travel.

Shakira and Antonio de la Rua. Source: Terra archive

The scoop was announced on the Argentine program ‘Socios del Espectáculo’, where the journalist Karina Iavicolí stated: “I am in a position to say that those who resumed contact through phone calls and/or meetings that are scheduled for later, because she is having a very difficult time Shakira and Antonio De La Rua”.