Who is the former soccer player with whom Pamela Díaz was unfaithful to Jean Phillipe Cretton, according to Adriana Barrientos

The separation between television drivers Pamela Diaz and Jean Phillipe CrettoHe didn’t bring a tail. Several weeks ago they announced that they are no longer together and that today their relationship is taking place from another place, but at the same time, new rumors about infidelity do not stop emerging.

First he was accused jean philippe cretton to be unfaithful to Pamela Diaz with the model and influencer María Trinidad Garcés and now the issue of separation was discussed again in the Zona de Estrellas program where the panelist Adriana Barrientos He assured that La Leona was also unfaithful with the soccer player Esteban Paredes.

In the middle of the debate about the separation of Pamela Diaz with Jean Phillipe Cretton, Adriana Barrientos He commented: “I think that Jean Philippe unfortunately opened the doors of his life when he chose a person like Pamela Díaz, where his life has always been a reality show.”

“The heart betrayed him, he fell in love. Now please make a call to Pamela Diaz stop this wave of attacks on Jean Philippe,” he added. Adriana Barrientos defending jean philippe cretton and sentenced: “I have seen in different show business panels that she sent her friends with some burning messages towards Jean Philippe, when her behavior has not been the best or the most optimal”.

Pamela Diaz with Jean Philippe. Source: Terra archive

“I had to report while she flirted with jean philippe being unfaithful… my friends saw her with Esteban Paredes,” she said. Adriana Barrientos about the actions of Pamela Diaz towards the driver of Podemos Hablar. But at the moment both maintain that there were no third parties in disagreement.

Stephen Walls. Source: instagram @e.paredes7

Stephen Walls He is a retired soccer player who established himself as the top scorer in Chilean soccer. The 42-year-old athlete played for Colo Colo between 2009 and 2012 and then from 2013 to 2020. Important figures such as Jorge Valdivia, Arturo Vidal and Pablo Contreras participated in his farewell.