Who is Thunder, the favorite Argentine artist of Pamela Díaz’s daughter

Trini Neira is the eldest daughter of the model and television presenter Pamela Diaz. Both have a good relationship and on more than one occasion they have been shown together on social networks where the young woman has become a benchmark for fashion and beauty before her more than 450 thousand followers.

Every move you make Trini Neira It’s news for their huge virtual fandom and now they found out who their favorite singer is. Pamela Díaz’s daughter published in her stories a video of Thunderone of the great exponents of trap in the region and thus revealed his secret.

The short clip you shared Trini Neira of Thunder says: “#vevosession leaving some Argentine rap out there” and shows the singer in a recording studio. This benchmark of urban music accumulates more than six million followers on the little camera social network and one of her biggest hits is ‘Dance Crip’.

Trini Neira’s publication. Source: instagram @trini.neira

Thunder He has several musical collaborations to his credit with important colleagues such as J Balvin, Niki Nicole, Wos and Bizarrap. Some of them must be my favourites. Trini Neirathe daughter of Pamela Diaz. This singer’s latest album is called ‘Bien o mal’ and is touring his country.

Thunder. Source: instagram @trueno

Soon Thunder will tour the region and Trini Neira you will have the opportunity to see your favorite artist up close. In his most recent interview, the singer said: “I’m experimenting because I’m still 20 years old and I’ve got a long way to go, but I like how the songs are taking shape and how people adopt them.”