Who is Tony Hadley, beloved Spandau Ballett frontman: Instagram, private life and what he does today

Tony Hadley was the historic frontman of Spandau Ballett, but who exactly is he? From Instagram to what it does today: the details.

There will be also Tony Hadley among the guests of The year that will come. On live television starting at 21:30 this evening, Amadeus will again be the backbone of the magical event that will keep us company on this last night of 2021.

Who is Tony Hadley, the frontmen of Spandau Ballett. Photo Source: Instagram

The guests expected for this event, as also told in our very recent article, are really numerous. Together with Amadeus, for example, the legendary Irene Grandi, Ermal Meta, Gigi D’Alessio and many other guests will perform. Among these, it seems, should also include the legendary Tony Hadley. His name is not new to you at all, is it? You are absolutely right! The good Hadley, in fact, was none other than the historic frontman of Spandau Ballett, a beloved musical group of the 80s. Well. What exactly do we know about him? Having established that the farewell to the famous band came many years ago, are you curious to know what its singer does today? Rest assured, we’ll take care of telling you everything.

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Who is Tony Hadley? All you need to know about the historic Spandau Ballett singer

Waiting to be able to see it on the Trani stage, you are curious to find out something more about Tony Hadley? Born in London on June 12, 1960, the good Tony began to cultivate his passion for music as a child. So much so that, at the age of 19, he joined the historic group ‘Spandau ballett’. Since then, his career has been on the rise. And, together with the band, he gives rise to a truly golden moment in his career. After a few years, however, the group decides to disband. And so Tony began his solo career, which even now records impressive successes.

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As for his private life, we know that Tony Hadley has been married twice. He had a wonderful love affair with his first wife that lasted about 20 years. And he became the father of his three children Thomas, Toni and Mackenzie. After his first marriage, he then married Alison Evers. And he became the father of Geneviev and Zara.

Tony Hadley today
Photo Source: Instagram

The ‘surprises’ did not end there at all. Even before becoming a singer, it would seem that the good Hadley worked as an actor for several photo novels. Don’t want to miss any kind of update on him? Follow him on his Instagram page: @thetonyhadley. You will not regret it!