Who is Valeria Marini’s mother: she took part in a famous reality show

Everything you need to know about Valeria Marini’s mother: origins, profession and other curiosities about Mrs. Gianna Orrù.

For about thirty years Valeria Marini she is one of the most beloved faces on TV: since her beginnings, her image has established itself in the Italian show business as that of the perfect showgirl, endowed with beauty, friendliness and stage presence.

Who is Valeria Marini’s mother: profession and other curiosities (Instagram)

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Many aspects of the ‘Italian Marylin Monroe’, as she has often been defined, are known: her career and her intense love life are known to the majority of the public that follows her.

Very active on Instagram, Marini loves sharing many shots of her in her beautiful home, during work events or photo shoots. Among the most beautiful photos in his gallery, there are undoubtedly those together with his mom to which it is very attached.

Mother and daughter have often been interviewed together on TV or in newspapers and the similarity between them is more than evident. But what do we know about the Mrs. Gianna?

Have you ever seen Valeria Marini’s mother? Do you remember which reality show he participated in?

As you can easily guess from the surname, the lady Gianna Orrù has Sardinian origins. Born in Cagliari on January 24, 1938, she lived between Sardinia and Rome, where she currently resides.

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Graduated from the Teaching Institute, she then graduated from ISEF and in fact she has been for years PE teacher in middle school. In 1960 he married Mario Marini: from their marriage, in addition to Valeria, two other children were born, Fabio and Claudia. The couple then separated in 1974 and Gianna returned to live in Sardinia where she worked as a teacher until 1982. Since 1992, however, she has lived permanently in the capital.

Nicknamed ‘Wonder woman’ by her daughter Valeria, Gianna was part of a program we know very well: in 2011 she was in fact a competitor of The Island of the Famous 8, edition won by Giorgia Palmas, winning the eighth place in the standings.

In her curriculum we also find work experience as general coordinator of television productions for a private channel in Perugia.

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who is the mother of Valeria Marini
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