Who is Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader behind the October massacre

With the situation on the ground constantly evolving, we have decided to collect some information here that allows us to get an idea of ​​the broader context through maps, factsheets and insights.

Israel is currently bombing Khan Yunis, the town in Gaza where Yahya Sinwar comes from, and where he may be hiding. The leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the army’s most wanted man, is the mastermind behind the barbaric massacre of October 7, when over 1,200 people were massacred in Israel and over 200 were dragged as hostages to Gaza. For the Israeli army chief of staff, General Herzi Halevi, Sinwar would be “a dead man” together with the head of the military wing of Hamas, Mohammed Deif, who organized the terrorist attack at military level. (ISRAEL WAR – HAMAS, LIVE NEWS)

The hiding place in a tunnel

According to Israeli intelligence, Sinwar has been hiding since the beginning of the conflict inside the dense network of tunnels built over the years by the terrorist movement underground in the Strip. For weeks he has not communicated in any way with the outside world so as not to have his position detected. The leader, who participated in the founding of the Hamas group in the 1980s, is actually the group’s number two. The political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, however, lives in Qatar and for this reason he would have lost a lot of authority on the field in the Gaza Strip, in favor of Sinwar, whose military CV has also increased his popularity among the ranks of the movement.

Sinwar and the four life sentences

The man has spent most of his adult life in an Israeli prison, accused of the murder of two Israeli soldiers and that of several Palestinians, whom he considered “collaborators” of Israel. He should have served four life sentences, but in 2011 he was released from prison together with over a thousand Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, then a prisoner of Hamas inside the Gaza Strip for several years. The soldier’s jailer was Sinwar’s brother.

Palestinian prisoners

For many today, the Hamas leader would aim for the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, which would be over 7,000, in exchange for the rest of the Israeli hostages still in the hands of terrorists today.