Who to Love, Dave Stewart releases an album and a film with Greta Scarano and Mokadelic

Music and cinema come together in Who To Lovethe film born from the collaboration between Dave Stewarti Mokadelic And Greta Scarano, who met to create an album together. The film will be presented on Thursday 19 October at Rome Film Festival (PHOTO).

greta scarano, who to love at the Rome Film Festival

Dave Stewart, British artist famous for having formed Eurythmics with Annie Lennox, has created a rock project mixing different souls. The producer contacted Mokadelic who in turn involved Greta Scarano (PHOTO) for the album Who To Love creating a film that could entirely accompany the musical work.

Thursday 19 October the film directed by Giorgio Testi will be presented at the Rome Film Festival.

Dave Stewart spoke about the project by publishing a post on Instagram: “The film is an investigation into the deepest folds of the human soul through the interweaving of music, memories and nightmares.”

Greta Scarano shared the poster by writing: “With a group of incredible people we did a very special thing called Who To Love. It is so unique that it is complicated to explain its nature. It came from Dave Stewart who contacted Mokadelic who contacted me. We made an album together which will be released soon and we enjoyed collaborating so much that we also made a film (which accompanies the album in its entirety).”

The album will be distributed Friday 20 October.