Why Alessandra Celentano can’t dance: painful confession

Do you know why the teacher of “Amici” Alessandra Celentano cannot dance? It was she who confessed it in an interview

She is one of the strictest teachers on the talent show “Amici”, but we never see her dance in the school. The public often wonders why. It was she who revealed the truth in an interview with the weekly Moreover.

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Why can’t Alessandra Celentano dance? The reason revealed (Source: Instagram)

Why Alessandra Celentano cannot dance

Alessandra Celentano she is the granddaughter of Adriano Celentano, a very famous singer-songwriter much loved by the Italian public. Unlike her uncle, however, Alessandra has chosen the path of art, but has specialized in dance. Since she was a child she has cultivated her passion, perfecting herself at the Budapest State Opera and attending the Professional Advanced Training Course in Reggio Emilia.

He has worked with illustrious choreographers and dancers, toured around the world and achieved national popularity thanks to the television program “Friends“, Hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale 5. In the longest-running talent show on Italian television, Alessandra plays the role of ballet teacher and choreographer.

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alessandra celentano

Celentano is one of the most feared teachers of the “Amici” school, but on the talent show we have rarely seen her dance. It is unthinkable how a dancer and choreographer of her capacity never wears shoes to dance. But there is an explanation for everything.

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It was she who revealed the reason in an interview with the weekly Moreover. The teacher of “Amici” revealed that she can no longer dance because she suffers from a very common syndrome in dancers, namely the “hallux rigidus syndrome“. This syndrome affects the joints of the first toe, wearing them down, causing severe bone problems and excruciating pain. It is common in dancers because it is caused by excessive wear on the foot.

In the interview, Celentano confessed: “It was a big mistake: three years ago I got to the point that, if I didn’t fill myself with painkillers, I couldn’t even walk “. In 2017 she had to resort to an operation and still today she has not been able to completely solve this problem since she cannot do any type of intense physical activity.