Why did Belen and Antonino break up? A sensational hypothesis arises

Why did Belen and Antonino break up? A sensational hypothesis arises: in this article we explain everything in detail

The couple is experiencing a period of pause, but the crisis really does not seem to be curable. But why did the two break up? In the last few hours, a truly sensational hypothesis has emerged. Until now it had never been talked about. What if this is really the case?

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Why did Belen and Antonino break up? Check the indiscretion (Source: Instagram)

Why did Belen and Antonino break up?

After the end of the love story with Stefano De Martino, a professional dancer with whom he had a son, Belen Rodriguez he turned the page and found his smile thanks to Antonino Spinalbese.

Their love affair seemed serious right from the start. The two decided to start a family and the Argentine model got pregnant for the second time. The couple therefore had a splendid one daughter, Luna Marie. After his birth, however, the couple went through a period of crisis, which culminated in the final separation.

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Currently Belen and Antonino have decided to take a pause for reflection. The wound, however, would seem much deeper. The two, in fact, have never been back together. They have decided to separate and live in two different houses. Neither one nor the other have released statements on the end of the love story and the hypotheses on the reasons for the separation are really many.

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In the last few hours, another sensational hypothesis has emerged. Are you curious to know which one it is? And then keep reading the article. This is a hypothesis that will truly blow your mind.

As the weekly reports More Tv, the love story between Belen and Antonino would have ended due to a betrayal by him. This is obviously an indiscretion and as such to take the pliers. The weekly announces that the Milanese hairdresser would have ‘lost his head’ for a girl who works behind the scenes, consequently far from the world of entertainment. Could it be true?