Why did Vincent Cassel delete Tina Kunakey from his social profiles?

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There would be trouble in paradise, if by the latter we mean the conjugal idyll between Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey who are no longer seen around together but who, above all, seem to have distinct social lives. More precisely, it is she, the twenty-six year old modelto be disappeared from his social media. On the official profile of the actor de I hate it there are no more photos in which his beautiful wife appears.

The social clues and the marital crisis

The disappearance of Tina Kunakey’s photos from Vincent Cassel’s Instagram profile worried the French actor’s one and a half million followers and gave supporters of the marriage crisis between the film star and his second wife confirms what has been said on the subject since the beginning of the year. The last official appearance of the couple dates back to the end of last year when the two had themselves photographed among the special guests of the parade of Le Bourget of Jacquemus, a fashion event in which they usually participate together or in pairs. Sources close to the couple would have confirmed that, in reality, Tina Kunakey would have been heartbroken because she has been staying for months experiencing separation by the husband with whom divorce it could be in the air. Talking about divorce about one of the couples that made the hearts of celebrity enthusiasts beat faster was the Daily Mail who gave the news first, emphasizing the removal of couple photos or those in which the actor appeared with her from Cassel’s profile. Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey continue to follow each other on Instagram but, actually, he too only appears sporadically in the model’s photo posts and the photos are far from recent.

No reply from Cassel (at the cinema with The Three Musketeers)

The social clues seem clear and would clearly reveal, according to some, the existence of a deep crisis between the two spouses who made their promises in 2018 with a marriage that had a significant media impact. After the wedding talks, the couple welcomed the arrival of Amazonieborn in April 2019 and since then she has appeared many times together, always close (in Italy, they were guests of the Venice Film Festival last September). In addition to social deductions and the verifiable commitments of Casselat the forefront of the promotional tour de The Three Musketeers, the French film by Martin Bourboulon from April 6 in Italian cinemas, little else is known about the state of the alleged crisis between the actor and his wife, especially because those directly involved they didn’t reply in no way to small talk. All that remains is to wait for evolutions or some official declaration.