Why Garrison left Amici: the truth after years of leaving the program

For about 17 years he taught modern dance to students and recently returned to the studio, but why did Garrison leave Amici?

The history of the most famous and followed talent show on Italian TV is inextricably linked to his figure: despite the fact that for some years he has no longer been part of the program conducted by Maria De Filippi, Rochelle Garrison remains one of Amici’s most loved professors.

Why Garrison Rochelle left Amici: the truth after years of leaving the program (Instagram)

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His farewell to the school that has helped to make him so famous for twenty years was greeted with displeasure by fans: his original and never predictable choreography, his memorable clashes with Alessandra Celentano, its emotional character, have made it one of the pillars of the format.

Many students who over the years have accumulated important experiences thanks to him and his experience as a dancer. Precisely for this reason, when Garrison was recently a guest at Friends, it was a great joy both for the audience and for the professional dancers of his alumni.

At the weekly Seen, the former talent teacher explained the reasons why she decided to leave the program in 2018.

Garrison Rochelle confesses why she left Amici: “I knew my time was running out”

Immensely grateful to Maria De Filippi for giving him the opportunity to live such an important experience as the one accumulated over the years spent at Amici, Garrison explained to Seen the reason for his farewell to the broadcast.

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“I already knew two years before the farewell that my time at Amici was running out. I needed a change, but first I had to think about what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I hadn’t finished work yet and had the dream of conducting, singing, acting. And that’s what happened during the lockdown as I gave singing and acting lessons, ”he revealed to the weekly.

because Garrison left Amici
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We would very much like his return to school and you?