Why Serena Bortone has no children: it was she who revealed the reason

Why does the famous presenter Serena Bortone have no children? It was she who revealed it: in this article we report her words

Although little is known about her private life, we know for sure that she has no children about the famous presenter. Behind this sometimes ‘unusual’ decision there is a very specific reason and it was she who revealed it.

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Why does the presenter Serena Bortone have no children? It was she who told the reason (Source: Instagram)

Why doesn’t Serena Bortone have children? About her His confession

Serena Bortone was born in Rome on September 8, 1970. She is a famous TV presenter and has a long career behind her. She grew up in Angelo Guglielmi’s Rai 3 school, she started working in the editorial staff of Mino Damato’s program “In search of the ark”. Later she then worked for other historical programs such as “Avanzi” by Serena Dandini and “Ultimo minute” by Simonetta Martone and Maurizio Mannoni.

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In 1994 the call came from “Mi manda Lubrano”, a famous program of investigations in defense of citizens and consumers which later became “Mi manda Raitre”. In 1998, however, she began her experience as a political journalist for the broadcast “TeleCamere”, of which in 2006 she also became the presenter. In 2007 she returned to “Mi manda Raitre” as an author.

From 2017 to 2020, however, he works at “Agorà”. Before taking on the role of presenter, she covered the role of author for the same program. Recently, however, she switched to Rai 1, conducting a program that is certainly lighter, not one of investigation. Since 2020, Serena Bortone is the presenter of “Today is another day“.

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On his private life very little is known. Bortone, in fact, does not like to appear on gossip weeklies, even if recently the Dagospia portal has launched a sensational indiscretion. The conductor would go out to dinner with Lorenzo Viotti, a young conductor. The indiscretion, however, has never been confirmed by either one or the other.

What we do know about Serena Bortone’s life, however, is that she hasn’t sons. It was she in an interview who revealed the reason behind this quite ‘singular’ decision. “I have never considered motherhood as something of identity “, said the famous presenter. This, however, does not constitute a regret for the presenter: “The word regret does not belong to me, I never go back to the past, I think about the present and the immediate future”.