Why was Winona Ryder told she wouldn’t make it in Hollywood?

Moviegoers know Winona Ryder for cult classics like “Beetlejuice,” “Scissorhands,” “Heathers” and “Little Women.” Most recently, she made a huge comeback on the hit Netflix show, “Stranger Things.”

Can you really imagine someone other than Winona in some of these projects?

Unfortunately, the actor hardly got a real chance to shine on the screen. Would you believe that the casting directors in Hollywood really didn’t believe in the actor when he first appeared on the scene? Yes! Actually, they told Ryder that she would not get very far in the industry, despite her talent as an actress. And fans may be surprised for the reason!

Winona Ryder was told she wasn’t pretty enough for Hollywood

The casting directors initially thought that Winona Ryder she wasn’t pretty enough to have a career as an actress.

“I remember one time in particular. I was in the middle of an audition and I was in the middle of a sentence when the casting director said, ‘Listen, girl. You shouldn’t be an actress. You’re not pretty enough,'” the actress shared in an Interview. in 2013.

In fact, the “Lucas” actor recalled that, in his early roles, the characters were not described in the script as particularly attractive. “So I scored in the sense that if I hadn’t done that, I don’t know if I would have been chosen for other things, because I wasn’t really considered a beauty,” he explained.

Unfortunately, the actress has been continually judged on her looks throughout her career. Ryderwho is also Jewish, has also been outspoken about the anti-Semitism she has experienced in the industry.

In addition to negative comments reported by fellow actor Mel Gibson in the 1990s, Ryder she also admitted to The Sunday Times that she was passed over for a role because she seemed “too Jewish”.

She explained, “There was a movie I was thinking about a long time ago, it was a period piece, and the head of the studio, who was Jewish, said I looked ‘too Jewish’ to be in a blue blood family.”

Winona Ryder ended up taking a break from the industry

Despite those comments, Winona Ryder She went on to have an acting career spanning decades. However, she certainly took some hard hits along the way. In fact, the actor walked away from the Hollywood scene altogether for a while in the 2000s.

The actor was notoriously caught shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue in 2001, according to the New York Daily News. She was charged with felony grand theft and possession of non-prescription drugs.

She later explained to Vogue that after she broke her arm, a “quack doctor” over-prescribed her painkillers, leading to the unfortunate incident. Subsequently, the actress took a three-year break from acting. “I definitely retired,” he said. Ryder to Harper’s Bazaar in June.

“I was in San Francisco. But I wasn’t getting any offers either. I think it was a very mutual breakup.”

However, these experiences in the industry have strengthened Ryder. She also uses her life stories to help her young co-stars on “Stranger Things.”

The show’s co-creator, Ross Duffer, told Harper’s Bazaar that he “talked to kids about what celebrities are like and what the press can be like and the anxiety and confusion that comes with it.” Despite the negativity that has come his way, the star of Ryder in Hollywood continues to shine!