Wife Nino Frassica, insults and stones to neighbors: the story of the missing cat continues

There is no peace for Nino Frassica. And there is no peace for its neighbors either. Since Hiro the cat disappeared several months ago, the actor and his wife have done everything. They involved the authorities, they filed complaints. And they were reported. The last act of the story? The actions of Barbara ExignotisNino’s wife, against the alleged kidnappers of the feline.

Insults and threats

Barbara Exignotis and her daughter are under investigation for stalking and defamation. The transmission explained the reason Out of the core, in the episode aired on Wednesday 24 January. The videos, released from Mario Giordano’s living room, explain well the climate of tension surrounding the Frassica family. In the videos you can see the woman swear against his neighbors, uttering harsh and violent sentences. It seems that he even has threw a stone against their window. Barbara Exignotis does not contain herself, claiming to have the police on her side. “Old s***, T*** a,” she can be heard screaming. Before I move on to threats: “I will make you pay”. Thus, neighbors are forced to remain secluded for fear of retaliation. This, despite their full collaboration to the investigations. As the family’s lawyer, Fabrizio Gentili, explained, the “alleged accomplices” in fact allowed the authorities to enter the house, to carry out investigations, and even showed them the freezer (where Exignotis was convinced that they kept Hiro). However, nothing seems to calm the Frassica family, determined to find a culprit for this whole absurd story.

The complaints

When Hiro disappears, Barbara Exignotis doesn’t give up. Several times, even at night, the woman went out to look for him, with a bag of her favorite kibbles inside her bag. According to Nino Frassica’s wife, Hiro would be entered the apartment of the elderly neighbor, slipping through the left open window. The woman, instead of bringing him back, let him escape. And this is the first accusation. But there is also a second one, this time to the detriment of one family from Spoleto, accused of holding Hiro hostage in the basement. No one is safe in the city. Everyone is a potential accomplice and kidnapper. “You have to die, b******. You piece of s***. You and your family”: these are the words that Exignotis left on the answering machine for the alleged kidnapper. “I’m afraid of that woman,” he says to the microphones Out of the core another tenant of the building where the Frassicas live during the filming of Don Matteo. “We are all afraid of she. We don’t want any trouble”. Today, Nino Frassica, Barbara Exignotis and her daughter are accused of stalking, aggravated defamation, private violencetrespass and incitement to commit a crime.