Wikipedia written by ChatGpt? For Jimmy Wales idea “intriguing but AI needs to be improved”

Wikipedia written with artificial intelligence? An “intriguing” idea for the founder Jimmy Wales who, in an interview with the Evening Standard website, declared that he could evaluate this possibility even if he is aware of the related problems.” From the discussions in the Wikipedia community that I have witnessed so far, it emerges that people are cautious, in the sense that we know there are models that are not good enough, but the idea is intriguing and would offer a lot of possibilities”, underlined Wales recalling that a technology like ChatGpt has “hallucinations”, in other words the tendency to invent things from scratch, “a very dangerous element for Wikipedia”.

ChatGpt5 may exceed current limits

According to Wales, a future integration of AI in the writing and reviewing of entries would require the algorithms to reach a greater stage of refinement that could manifest itself as early as this year, with the launch of Gpt-5, the new ChatGpt model that promises to get even closer to human language. Wales says that while ChatGpt has captured a little bit of everyone’s interest in recent weeks, testing him shows there are still plenty of flaws.

ChatGpt’s “hallucinations”.

“One of the problems with current ChatGpt is what the industry calls ‘hallucinations,'” Wales said. The co-founder of the encyclopedia isn’t the only one who has noticed these limitations. Last month, David Smerdon, an economist at the University of Queensland in Australia, asked ChatGpt: “What is the most cited economic paper of all time?”; within seconds the chatbot found an answer. “The most cited economic article of all time is ‘A Theory of Economic History’ by Douglass North and Robert Thomas, which was published in The Journal of Economic History in 1969.” A non-existent document, of which there is no trace either online or in libraries.