Wild boars, tension grows, damage to agriculture for 120 million in 7 years

Wild boars in the countryside and in urban areas, especially in Rome, where, according to breaking news, a motorcyclist is in serious condition after colliding with a wild boar near Via Cassia Nuova in the Dord area of ​​the capital. A situation defined as ‘out of control’ by many and tension is growing in Italy where there are one and a half million specimens. A very high proliferation for which selection campaigns have been put in place which have grown by 45% in seven years. Ispra reports that there were around 300,000 slaughters per year (of which 257,000 in ordinary hunting and 42,000 in wildlife control interventions). 30% of the total containment was carried out in Tuscany. All with damage to agriculture with an annual average of over 7 million euros. The overall estimate between 2015 and 2021 was just under 120 million euros in damages for a total of over 105,000 cases.

Confagricoltura and the Ente Produttori di Game (Eps), which represents 2,700 wildlife institutes and 5,000 members, hope for “an organic plan of targeted interventions that will put an end to the excessive diffusion of some specimens of wildlife even in non-characteristic environments”.

“In Italy, a change of pace is needed in the management of some species of wildlife. A new model that holds together the interests of agricultural businesses and environmental protection is now possible”. This is the message that the president of Confagricoltura, Massimiliano Giansanti, launched at a conference organized in Viterbo.

The CIA-Agricoltori Italiani in recalling “a first tangible result” the measure in maneuver that allows wild boar hunting even in protected areas and in the city urges politics so that “now we work together to arrive at a rapid enactment of the extraordinary national plan of management and control – declares the CIA president, Cristiano Fini – which will have a relapse in the individual regions where the wild boar issue has become unsustainable and has caused extensive damage to crops, farms and agricultural structures”.

While a Coldiretti-Ixè research reveals that almost seven out of ten Italians (69%) believe that wild boars are too numerous and there is even 58% who consider them a real threat to the population, as well as a serious problem for crops and for environmental balance as 75% of those interviewed think.