Will Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? Amadeus speaks: finally the truth

Will Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? Finally Amadeus speaks and tells the truth!

The Sanremo Music and Song Festival is getting closer, and already the questions about the presence of Fiorello alongside the confirmed presenter Amadeus they become more and more insistent. It will be? The conductor will take care of the question.

Will Fiorello be there in Sanremo 2022? Speak Amadeus! (Source Instagram)

Since when Amadeus was confirmed as a presenter of Sanremo 2022, they all asked the question of the presence of Fiorello as a co-host. To clarify this hypothesis is his dear friend and colleague Amadeus, who answered questions related to the Festival, in an interview with Tv Smiles and Songs. The couple Amadeus-Fiorello, already in the past editions of the show has entertained the public, and has been much appreciated. Certainly thanks to the good relationship between the two great professionals. A little over a month from the start of Sanremo the figure of the co-host is still a mystery.

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Will Fiorello be in Sanremo 2022? Speak Amadeus

Various names had been rumored that they would be alongside Amadeus in conducting the show in Liguria. Among the eligible candidates, the names of the Turkish actor stood out Can Yaman, of the Olympic gold medal Marcell Jacobs And Tommaso Paradiso. While for female names the uncertainty hovered between two very different women, the bubbly Elettra Lamborghini And Elisa Isoardi. As for the matter Fiorello, thinks about it Amadeus to tell the truth.

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Fiorello in Sanremo 2022
Source Instagram

In the interview with Tv Smiles and Songs, revealed that negotiations for his presence are still ongoing. “There is a special relationship with Fiorello, we never talk about Sanremo. His appearances have always been decided at the last minute. When there are a few days left for the Festival we will discuss. And he will decide if and when to come to the Ariston. Last year was heroic. Someone like him who feeds on the public and is inspired by the reactions of the audience, forced to stand on an empty stage in an empty theater. For him, not having an audience is a tragedy ”. It would therefore seem that we will have to wait until the last minute to find out if Fiorello will attend the Festival.

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We love the winning couple Amadeus-Fiorello, and we hope to see them together again on the historic stage of the Sanremo Festival.