Will Smith turns 55, his future projects from “I am Legend 2” to “Bad Boys 4”

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There is a “before” and an “after” in Will Smith’s life. The watershed between these two moments was marked by the slap the actor delivered to Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar night. For that episode Smith apologized and then withdrew into a long silence. He reappeared a few months later on Instagram, but for a long time there was no information on what his future commitments would be. In 2023, however, several rumors arrived according to which the actor – who today, September 25, crosses the threshold of 55 years – would be working on new projects. For Smith, however, it will not be an easy return to the stage, after the violent episode which cost the actor exclusion, for 10 years, from all events promoted by the Academy’s Board of governors, including Oscar Night.

“Bad Boys 4”

Smith will be present in the fourth film of the saga Bad Boys, produced by Sony. The film is in production and in some images published by TMZ, In recent months, Smith has been seen again as Mike Lowrey, the iconic detective he played in all previous installments of the franchise. The fourth chapter – which will be released in June 2024 – saw filming focused in Atlanta, with the Smith-Lawrence couple ready to reconquer the big screen as in previous editions.

“Fast and Loose”

Furthermore, Smith should also be part of Fast and Loose, produced by Netflix. According to sources cited by Variety“Netflix decided to move forward with the big-budget action thriller about the leader of a criminal organization who suffers memory loss following an attack, only after Sony gave the green light to Bad Boys 4. Netflix definitely wasn’t willing to be the first studio to go back into business with Will.” The window, therefore, would have opened thanks to Sony’s green light for the start of filming Bad Boys 4.

“I am legend 2”

Also the sequel to I’m legend has been confirmed and Will Smith will be in the cast alongside Michael B. Jordan. After confirmation, the spotlight on the production had gone off, but then something moved, as also reported by Deadline, which confirmed the progress of work on the film. Although there is no release date, it has already been leaked that Will Smith will return to the role of Doctor Robert Neville, already played in the previous film. was set in a later time than that told in the first chapter. There is no precise information yet, but it will be a new story, with new dynamics and new co-protagonists.