William and Harry, no glances between them. The frost remains

Reconciliation between the two brothers seems distant, after both they and their wives “studiously” avoided any interaction during grandmother’s funeral ceremonies, notes the Guardian.

No glance or gesture between William and Harry. After the public rites of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, the Guardian underlines the coldness that seems to have remained between the two brothers, on the road since the Sussexes gave up their royal status.

William and Harry, the first in uniform and the second not because no longer real on duty, marched side by side behind the grandmother’s coffin. Yet, both during processions and religious services, the two brothers and wives have “studied
mind avoided any interaction. Their eyes never met, the physical distance was always kept “, writes the newspaper. Upon arriving at St. George’s chapel for the farewell service, William, his wife, and two eldest sons stood waiting for Harry and Meghan to enter the pew, but there was no gesture between them. Little Princess Charlotte sat next to Harry.

When the heir to the throne and his brother appeared with their wives in front of Windsor Castle, to greet the crowd who had come to lay flowers for the deceased sovereign, many wondered if the death of their grandmother would bring the children of Charles and Diana closer together. . But for now “reconciliation seems far away,” continues the Guardian, according to which the Sussex ‘uninhibition’ at yesterday’s reception for the heads of state certainly did not help. King Charles III extended an olive branch during his first sovereign speech, expressing “love for Harry and Meghan as they build their lives overseas”. But now there may be more unwelcome surprises after Meghan’s famous interview with Oprah Winfrey. Harry’s memoir is on its way. And Meghan said she is working with her husband on a “historical documentary” about their love story.