William and Harry walk together behind Elizabeth II’s coffin

Like at mother Diana’s funeral. Will it be true reconciliation?

As happened for Diana’s funeral, William and Harry will walk together today behind the coffin of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, which will be brought this afternoon from Buckingham palace to Westminster Hall. The BBC reports. It will be the second time that the two brothers, sons of Charles III, will appear united in public after the death of the sovereign, despite the tensions caused by the choice of Harry and his wife Meghan to give up their royal status and move to California.

The procession with the coffin will leave Buckingham palace at 14.22 (15.22 in Italy) and will arrive at Westminster Hall at 15 (16 in Italy). Following the coffin on foot will be King Charles III with William and Harry, and the other three children of the deceased sovereign: Anna, Andrea and Edoardo. The queen consort Camilla, Kate and Meghan, and Sophie, Edoardo’s wife, will participate in the procession sitting in the car. After the arrival of the coffin there will be a short religious service delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury, then the funeral home will be set up open to the public.

like at the funeral of his mother Diana

Seeing today the two princes walking behind the coffin of their beloved grandmother, one of the people who was closest to them after the death of their mother, will remind everyone of the images of Harry and William as children behind Diana’s coffin. Already Saturday the two brothers showed up together, with his wife Kate and Meghan, to greet the crowd in front of Windsor Castle.

Royal watchers are wondering if this is true reconciliation, after Harry had appeared isolated from the rest of the family at the time of Elizabeth’s death on 8 September. His father, Caro III, brought an olive branch in his first speech as a King, proclaiming love for Harry and his wife Meghan. A sentence that denied Meghan’s claims on the alleged breakdown of relations between Carlo and Harry.