Willow, Disney + releases the first trailer for the fantasy series

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Fans of fantasy and classics of the 1980s genre will be thrilled with the first images of Willow the series that is called to carry on on the small screen the adventures of the protagonist of thehomonymous film from 1988 directed by Ron Howard based on a subject conceived by George Lucas.
There Star Wars Celebrationa four-day convention in Anaheim, California, is the place to be to introduce fans to the first trailer of the show, just over a minute of images that give a good idea of ​​the enchanted atmospheres in which the story is set.

Willow the sequel series to the Ron Howard cult

Sequel to the cult dark fantasy of the late 1980s, Willow will arrive in the Disney + catalog streaming from November 30thwill also be visible on Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick.
George Lucas’ idea is to go back to giving prestige to one epic and glorious story capable of transporting viewers on an extraordinary journey into the unknown. The motifs of the film, the union of the magical forces of the protagonists to defend their kingdom from the dark evil forces, will also be the great theme of the new show where there will be twists and, above all, action and fighting.

The protagonist of the film returns to the show

Surprisingly, to present the title to fans, they appeared on stage at the California convention Warwick Davis And Ron Howard, respectively protagonist and director of the cult film produced by Lucasfilm; the two were joined by the rest of the cast and made enthusiastic statements about the new production. Davis, in particular, is more than happy to get back down as his previous character and reiterated that acting in that film was one of the best experiences of his life. Johanne Whalley will also return as Sorsha in the television sequel, while Davis’ real daughter Annabelle will be Willow’s daughter on screen. Warwick Davis’ other son is also in the production and served as the actor’s stunt double.
Willow, an Imagine Entertainment, Lucasfilm Television, Lucasfilm and MGM Television production, can count on Jonathan Kasdan as showrunner who also wrote the script for the first installment of the series; Ron Howard is on the project as a member of a large group of producers. Jonathan Entwistle, on the other hand, is the director of the pilot.