Wimbledon 2023, Barazzutti on Sinner: “In my opinion, he brings the match home today”

“Yesterday a great Berrettini, completely rediscovered”

Jannik Sinner “has a game today that he must winit’s a great opportunity. He’s the favorite player on paper, the match sees him on pole, and it’s an opportunity to go to the semifinals. He must not let it slip away “. So to Adnkronos Conrad Barazzutti, in view of this afternoon’s match at Wimbledon valid for access to the semifinals. The opponent, the Russian Roman Safiullin, “is certainly surprising, very talented but of a certain age: in any case he needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It is certainly a difficult match for Jannik because he is forced to win and has everything to lose. But I think he takes her home.”

As for Matthew Berrettini “yesterday he played a great game, we completely found him again”. “He won beautiful matches before Alcaraz, the important thing was to find him again. It is clear that Berrettini’s value has never been questioned, he had a complicated moment and returned to his level. His coach Santopadre rightly says he does not he’s never gone, he’s just had some tough times,” he added.