Windows 11 comes out but many will not receive it. Find out if your device is compatible

The novelty comes in silence, or almost. From today, October 5th, it is available Windows 11. It will have a new Mac-style graphical interface, compatibility with Android apps and a vocation towards smartworking. No proclamation and no cost for this free update, but it won’t be for all devices.


In fact, a computer, to be compatible, must have at least a 1 GHz processor with two or more cores and 64-bit, 4Gb of Ram and at least 64Gb of internal memory. It will also need an HD screen (720p) and with a measurement of at least 9 inches. Those who have the Home version must also have a Microsoft account. Before going crazy to check if our devices are ready, Microsoft has released Pc Integrity Check, a quick and easy tool that will tell us if we are ready

A dry mouth

Windows 11 comes in the form of an update, but the operating system won’t be available to everyone right away. In fact, on October 5th a gradual deployment begins and will be completed within the first months of 2022. Finally, after installing the update to Windows 11, you can also go back. You will have ten days to reinstall Windows 10 while keeping the files and data transferred, but after the end the procedure will become more complicated. You will have to make the classic backup and make a new installation.