Wine Protocol, the first NFT linked to wine

Wine Protocol was born 5 months ago, employs about twenty people, is capitalized for one million Swiss francs and has a valuation of 18 million francs. It was created by Tommaso Selicorni, CEO of the Company, wine lover and student at the University of Milan in viticulture and enology, and his partner Andrea Montalbano; with them a small group of trusted friends.

What is Wine Protocol

“Wine Protocol is the first wine business that aims to create a direct and real interaction between the wine world and the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain”, tells us Tommaso Selicorni, in his early twenties, has the confidence of an experienced manager. “The idea of ​​giving life to Wine Protocol was born during the boredom of the first lockdown”, explains Tommaso. “We decided to take advantage of all the extra time we had available – due to the restrictions due to Covid – to create a reality and create our own project because we realized that there has been no innovation in the wine sector for several years and in the ‘blockchain sector no one had yet created a token or a reality, an ecosystem that really interacted with the real world, with a real economy like that of wine ”.

How the idea was born and how it works

Hence the first NFT linked to wine bottles was born. “Those bottles are our first NFT collection created by Wine Protocol. They were sold at auction for 68 thousand dollars, that was the total amount raised. These bottles are unique pieces, we wanted to start making people understand what our ecosystem is, using this method of auctioning these bottles of wine. Each bottle of wine, each bottle label, created by our NFT artist Luca Grisoni, actually tells every step of the wine production, starting from the harvest and arriving at the bottling “.

Why were they sold at this price and why are they unique? “Each label represents the NFT which certifies the veracity of the product and certifies the authenticity for the owner. Owners can decide to redeem and keep the physical bottle at home, only if they decide to burn the NFT. Because this is the only mechanism for certifying. Obviously, when a person holds the bottle, we will no longer be able to know that they are not counterfeiting it, making a fake of it. Therefore, we keep them in our warehouses to preserve their authenticity and above all their value ”, continues Tommaso.

A product and a sense of community

“This was conceived because these NFTs, in addition to telling the story of wine production, have real” uses cases “within them that will be seen within our ecosystem, because each person will have unique experiences having the opportunity to inside the NFT. So people bought not just the product, but a sense of community. Not only do I buy the bottle and have the NFT to speculate, but there is more behind the NFT. Not only authenticity but also an exclusivity within the participation and interaction with the WineProtocol ecosystem.

The first “drink to earn” in the world

Tommaso Selicorni speaks with great enthusiasm of the company he founded.

“At the beginning it was just me and Andrea, we worked for eight months alone to create the whole project, to be ready on a personal and entrepreneurial level to introduce ourselves to the public, but above all you need to have a lot of willpower, never give up. We too have had many defeats in this year and a half of work, many bad moments, but we must always think positively and aim for the goal; work with your head down and when the first successes arrive don’t lose your head, but stay even more humble and think about the next step. This company is currently capitalized for one million francs, because we had an investment from a Swiss private investor: we are a Swiss company.

For those who are fasting on certain topics on our site – Tommaso tells us – it is possible to find explanations of the ecosystem, which will be an ecosystem that will interact with reality, with the whole part of the wine supply chain in various steps and the app is designed for each step, which in turn has been designed for a specific purpose.

The first step that will come out after the summer was designed to become as viral as possible. It will be the first “drink to earn” in the world, meaning people will be paid to taste wine. So, by taking pictures while they are tasting their own bottles, they will be paid with our “Wine”. In reality, in a very subtle way, the concept is: you are paid for your consumption data, your wine taste data, which we need to expand our ecosystem and spread more and more in all wineries, in the whole wine ecosystem. All the realities and social networks we know today use our data without giving us anything in return. We use this concept: you are paid for your wine taste data and this is a concept that is very important, because it makes people aware that data is important. Metadata, any metadata, is currently digital gold. So we decided to create the ecosystem starting from the interaction with the person, making it clear why their data on the taste of wine are important “.