Winner of the first edition of Bake off: after almost 10 years we find her like this, what she does today

She was the winner of the first edition of Bake Off, but what does she do today? Almost 10 years after her triumph we find her just like that.

Have you already made plans for tonight? We really hope not because, starting at 9:30 pm, a new episode of Bake Off will be broadcast. Now in its tenth edition, the Real Time talent continues to be one of the most followed programs by the Italian public.

What does Madalina do today. Credits: Instagram

Always conducted by Benedetta Parodi, true undisputed queen of talent, tonight’s episode of Bake Off will see all the competitors try their hand at rather complicated tests. Judging their desserts, a truly exceptional trio made up of Ernst Knam, Damiano Carrara and Tommaso Foglia. Who do you think will be the one who will have to leave the tent tonight?

While waiting to find out who will be the winner or the winner of this edition – even if everyone deserves the triumph – we cannot help but look back and bring to mind the first edition of Bake Off. Almost 10 years have passed. debut of the talent on the small screen, but are you curious to know what happened to its winner today? Many remember her and her delicacies, but how has she changed and what does she do today?

What happened to the winner of the first edition of Bake Off today?

Without a doubt, you will remember her: we are talking about the winner of the first edition of Bake Off. Among the first competitors to capture the attention of the three judges, the very young prometer managed to conquer everyone in a real blink, winning the title as winner, but what happened to Madalina Pometescu today?

Just recently, we told you about the very young Daniela Ribezzo – winner of the last edition of Bake Off – and how her life has changed after the program. What do we know, however, about her? At the time of her participation in the program, the promoter was only 26 years old but she already knew what she wanted to do with her future of her: did she manage to fulfill her dream of her today? Apparently, she would seem so! Tracing her on her Instagram channel, we not only saw her change in her look, but also how her life changed after the program. Almost 10 years after her victory in Bake Off, the beautiful Madalina has become a dessert star! Her Instagram channel, in fact, is full of shots that make your mouth water just looking at them. The ‘surprises’, however, are by no means over. If at the time of the program, Pometescu was a promoter, now – as you can read from her bio of her Instagram – she is a pastry chef and food blogger. In short, she has come a long way since Bake Off. Finally, look at how she became:

winner first bake off today
Madalina today. Credits: Instagram

Beyond the change of look, Madalina is always identical, don’t you think?