Winter according to Mariacarla Boscono, the new capsule for K-Way

Chic, feminine but absolutely functional. This is how Mariacarla Boscono defined her new capsule for K-Way. After focusing on family and nature with summer looks, now the super supermodel accompanies us in the cold season through garments designed to protect us from freezing while making us fully experience the winter.

Mariacarla and her relationship with K-Way

During the presentation event in Milan, Mariacarla told us about her particular relationship with K-Way: “The thing that absolutely fascinated me, indeed I would say thunderstruck, is the brand itself. For me this brand is synonymous with Italy, with the Italian family. It represents the mother who fastens the zipper to her child, the grandmother who puts the K-Way on him, and again the child who wears it to go skiing. “

In fact, a brand strongly linked to tradition, but also to a desire to innovate. And the exclusive capsule by Mariacarla Boscono has a strong identity, it is a celebration of femininity without limits of age and nationality, a tribute to women.

A feminine but functional capsule

Chic but extremely practical, like the winter suit, the heart of the collection, the ski suit that caresses and enhances the shapes with, in the foreground, the unmistakable zip. Made of Coldbuster® technical fabric, the suit combines four layers: opaque twill, a windproof and waterproof membrane, exclusive compressed padding and polar fleece with contrasting colors. Mariacarla’s design is characterized by anatomical cuts with feminine lines, a comfortable adjustable hood and the logo on the front.

In the capsule also the pouch bag in winter version finished in shiny leather and the underwear: technical sweater and leggings under the suit in stretch technological yarn that in fact anticipate the birth of the label, L’Action, a K-Way novelty for next Autumn Winter. That sportswear that, as Mariacarla tells us, has always been a must for her:

“I love sportswear! Since I was a child, first a teenager and then a young woman, I have always combined sportswear with a romantic dress code, it is my being. I mean, I bought handmade Victorian dresses from the 1800s and combined them with technical-sporty looks. “

Queen of the catwalks, fought over by designers from all over the world, muse of great stylists and now also of herself.

I didn’t want to collaborate with K-Way for one of my ambitions, ” the super model tells us. “This does not mean that you consider me ‘arrived’ or that I have no ambitions, but I am very happy to be who I am. This project opened up a vision for me to other things, but I can say that it was certainly a specific collaboration of the K-Way family and this is what satisfied me most of all. “