Winter sales 2023, starting tomorrow in all regions

After the anticipated departure of Sicily, Basilicata and Valle d’Aosta, reductions are arriving everywhere. Fismo survey: average of 160 euros for expenses

Winter sales 2023 at the start. Starting tomorrow, the end-of-season sales will start throughout Italy, the first major commercial event of the year. After the anticipated departure on January 2 of Basilicata and Sicily, followed by the Aosta Valley on January 3, tomorrow Thursday 5 January the winter sales will open in all regions. In Sicily the discounts will last until March 15th, sales until February 15th in Lazio, February 18th in Bolzano, February 28th in Calabria and until April 2nd in Campania.

There is strong interest from consumers: 72% say they are interested in buying at least one garment on sale, for an average budget of around 160 euros per person. And there’s a further 23% who will decide based on the offers. This is what emerges from survey by Fismo, the federation of Confesercenti’s specialized fashion stores, conducted by Ipsos on a sample of 800 consumers.

62% of those who say they are interested have already established a budget. However, the average of 160 euros hides a highly diversified average expenditure at regional level: in central Italy an average of 216 euros will be spent, a significantly higher budget than that allocated on average in the northern and southern regions (148 and 147 euros respectively). . The analysis by gender and age also reveals wide gaps: men will spend the most (about 195 euros against 125 for women) and the over 35s (182 euros against 115 for the younger ones). Waiting for the opening of the end-of-season sales are above all women: 3 out of 4 are interested in buying, against 69% of men. At the territorial level, however, the highest percentage of those willing to buy is recorded in the southern regions and in the islands, where 76% want to take advantage of the sales. Share that drops to 72% in the North and 68% in the Centre. Despite growing competition from the web, sales remain an event strongly linked to the in-store shopping experience. 89% of consumers who will participate in the sales will purchase one or more products at a physical point of sale, while 59% will go online. The shops are preferred above all by over35s (90%) and in the center (92%).

This year, at the top of Italians’ desires are sweaters: 63% of those interviewed plan to buy them (68% in the South), a share this year slightly higher than that of consumers interested in shoes (62% ), the traditional purchase of the winter sales. At a distance, underwear (indicated by 41%), skirts and trousers (39%), shirts, tank tops and tops (35%), shirts and blouses (33%), bags (31%), as well as a 30% who will try to take home a piece of outerwear at a discounted price. 28% of consumers will instead look for dresses and suits, while 26% will take advantage of the sales for a new scarf, scarf or hat. 22% will instead look for an opportunity on household linen. Finally, there is 20% who aim to purchase a small leather goods product on sale (wallets, card holders, etc.) and 18% belts.