“With a lump in the throat”: LDA tells the background on his father Gigi D’Alessio

Gigi D’Alessio, that background told by his son LDA: “With a lump in the throat”, a moment he will never forget

Son of art, but he brought his talent to the Amici school, LDA he was one of the students within the talent to have conquered the public for his skill at the microphone. The son of the beloved artist, Gigi D’Alessiohe told an amazing background about his dad.

LDA, the background (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Two artists from two different eras. Gigi D’Alessio is one of the most loved faces within the Neapolitan Italian music scene and from its beginnings to today it has achieved resounding success. Even today there are in fact many songs by the singer-songwriter that collect great resonance among the public. And the evening dedicated to his 30-year career that saw him protagonist in Piazza Plebiscito in Naples just over two months ago, testifies how many are in love with his music.

Well, what to say, talent apparently is at home. LDAwhose real name is Luca D’Alessio, during an interview dedicated to him, told a backstory about his dad really moving. Here’s what she talked about.

LDA, the background on dad Gigi: “With a lump in the throat”, what happened

A boundless love that unites father and son and a passion for music that both have always carried inside. Gigi D’Alessio is one of the Neapolitan artists to have conquered with his music and his voice millions of people ready to fill the squares to see him sing. The success of dad D’Alessio, however, is not the only one in the family.

His path to Amici was interrupted before the final, however Luca D’Alessio, aka LDA, still managed to conquer the public with his music. In an interview with the newspaper The weather, the very young former student of the talent talked about himself, his career that is evolving, his growth path and his relationship with his father. And just about his dad, Gigi D’Alessiothe young man LDA wanted to tell everyone a background that no one knew.

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LDA and Gigi D’Alessio: background (Credits: Instagram)

During the evening in which the historic singer-songwriter celebrated his 30 years of career with a live concert on Rai 1 from Pizza Plebiscito, a guest on stage with his dad was just LDA. A moment that, in which the emotion was felt by everyone and in particular by father and son. And the background that Luca D’Alessio wanted to tell is precisely related to this occasion. “He took his cell phone and I couldn’t sing“Said LDA. Dad D’Alessio wanted to immortalize the moment by shooting with his smartphone the performance of his son, but we just missed him not exploding in a cry taken by the emotion of the moment. “I saw him with a lump in his throat as he took me on video“, Concluded Luca D’Alessio.