With a tender message, Sonia Isaza shows her love for Arturo Vidal on Instagram: "You are my King"

sonia isazathe King’s current girlfriend, Arturo vidalpublished on his Instagram account a message full of love and admiration for the soccer player, who is recovering after a medical intervention in Brazil.

Despite the malicious comments of some users, the influencer defended the sincerity of her feelings.

The Colombian influencer shared a photo with her partner and wrote a message full of love: “Love of my life, words cannot express how grateful I am to God for every day of your life and for letting me be a part of it”.

In addition, Isaza highlighted the footballer’s qualities and expressed his pride in him: “You are my king, I am so proud of you, of who you are, of your tireless strength, of your courage, of the man behind the name, but much more of the giant heart that you have.”

Despite the sincerity of the message, some users were quick to criticize the couple, some giving advice such as “Do not idolize a man so much, one like that can fail you and you will eat these words there, love yourself more!!” while others accuse Isaza of being with Vidal out of interest.

However, the influencer did not remain silent and responded to the criticism: “I loved this comment,” she said in response to a follower who defended her from the negative posts.