With a tight corset, Adriana Barrientos promotes her television program and attracts all eyes

The model Adriana Barrientos The 42-year-old is one of the most popular faces on Chilean television and as a result of his work he has more than 900,000 followers from all over the world who are aware of his movements on the camera’s social network.

For them, ‘La Leona’, as she calls herself in the artistic world, publishes photos of her best looks and poses, since she is the owner of an exceptional beauty and figure. Adriana Barrientos he also promotes his work and shares some of his daily life for his followers.

Now, Adriana Barrientos She paralyzed the network with her most recent publication in which she poses with a tight black and white corset that highlights each of her curves. The model combined this look with black leather pants, square-heeled sandals, and a black bag with gold chains.

Adriana Barrientos. Source: instagram @leonabarrientos

Adriana Barrientos She showed off her delicate make-up, tied her long, straight hair back and chose delicate accessories that gave a special touch to this sensual and summery look. “I told you today that I love you very much? I’ll wait for you 22 hours at @zonalatina #zonadeestrellas” La Leona wrote online.

Adriana Barrientos. Source: instagram @leonabarrientos

immediately the fans of Adriana Barrientos They showered the post with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting her talent and beauty. “Beautiful your corset Adri” ; “I love you, Leona, I’m your fan”; “I see you in the star” and “Como el vino” were some of the comments she received.