With a ‘total white’ look: Andrea Meza, Miss Universe, dazzles everyone with her spectacular silhouette

Andrea Meza has become one of the most beloved Miss Universe, not only by her fellow Mexicans but by people from all over the world. On December 12 he must deliver the crown in Israel and receive the new candidate. She recently gave advice to her successor through her social media.

“That she trusts the team that she is going to have, because it is a wonderful team, that she does not feel alone because they are there for her. Obviously, living away from family, away from home, feeling at the same time so lonely can be complicated, but let her know that there are people for her ”she said Andrea.

In addition, he also revealed exclusively to People en Español what his projects are for 2022: “Then I know this [la final del certamen] a radical change is coming in my life. I have to move and leave the department of miss Universe in New York and I think I’m going to be moving to Miami, a city that fascinates me. “He added:” I plan to stay in this media industry; It is something that I am passionate about and that I never believed that I was going to dedicate myself to this. But now that I do I say, ‘This is for me.’

Source: Instagram @andreamezamx

In the last hours, Andrea Meza shared some of the outfits that she has used in this series of interviews on Telemundo. One of them was a ‘total white’ look composed of a miniskirt with hanging chains and a blazer that left a bit open and made everyone fall in love with its silhouette. This time, she left her hair down and straight.

Source: Instagram @andreamezamx

The publication of the Miss Universe exceeded 50 thousand likes and 360 comments. Among them Daniela Nicolás, former Miss Chile, left him emojis in love. “I loved seeing you !!”, “I love you”, “Good to see you” and “You always bring the good vibes. Love you !!! ” were some of the messages that Telemundo journalists left him.