With enormous campaign promises: Raquel Castillo joined as a candidate for QUEEN of the Viña Festival 2023

The Viña del Mar Festival 2023 has a new candidate for the crown: Rachel Castillothe famous Chilean impersonator.

Known for promising to perform “8 thousand impersonations”, Castillo has decided to take a new challenge in her career and run to be the next queen of the famous festival.

Currently working as a radio announcer and influencer on social networks, Castillo feels motivated to participate in the Ciudad Jardín contest, and sees this opportunity as a platform to make her work visible and do social work. The artist has confirmed that if she wins the crown, she will set up a foundation to help the community, using her YouTube channel and her radio show to spread her message.

However, Castillo has ruled out, for the moment, complying with the tradition of the pool, due to bad experiences with water in the past. The announcer has assured that she will look for another way to complement her reign, and that the most important thing is to meet the expectations of the public and meet her goals.

Since her application to the TVN program “Factor X” in 2011, Raquel Castillo has become an integral part of popular culture in Chile. With her nomination for Queen of the Viña Festival 2023, the “woman of 8,000 imitations” has once again made headlines, offering a unique proposal for her eventual reign at the festival.