With her back to the camera, Gala Caldirola takes off her swimsuit and raises the temperature

Gala Caldirola He is already in Santiago after a beautiful vacation at Lake Caburgua with his daughter Luz Elif. While she was there, her followers asked her: “Doesn’t it bother you that they associate you with so many men without having proof? To which she replied: “Obviously it bothers me. but I am aware that being a public figure and being in a macho society this can happen”.

And he added: “I separated a year and a half ago. I’m a single woman. It is true that I have met people and it is true that I have given myself and I give myself the chance to rebuild my life, but that. If it bothers me, yes. If it’s all true, no.” Gala She was recently closely related to Mauricio Pinilla since they were caught together and they spent New Years together.

But apparently, the nascent relationship would have come to an end. In the last episode of Instagram Live of ‘Que te lo digo’, the journalist Paula Escobar commented: “Pinilla cut it off, because you can believe me that Gala She would have been jealous because Mauricio went to her ex-father-in-law’s funeral and she would not have liked that.

Gala Caldirola from behind. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

The communicator recalled the departure of Jaime Gallardo, Gisella’s father, and spoke about the subject: “They loved each other very much. In fact, Pinilla’s sisters followed up with Gisella Gallardo again. They also went to the funeral. What’s more, there was a moment of union.” Sergio Rojas added: “GalaYou can’t go to all of them. The Pangal invites her, that’s where she goes. Mauricio invites her, he left for there ”.

Gala Caldirola in front. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

In the last few hours, the Spanish influencer shared on her official Twitter account instagram an image titled “In my #tattoo it says…”When there are no bones left we will be Light, space and time”. The famous posed with her back facing the camera without a bathing suit and captivated everyone. To avoid offensive messages, she hid the comment box.