With Inspirational Speech, Denzel Washington Receives Lifetime Achievement Award At CinemaCon

Denzel Washington has recently been honored with the lifetime achievement award in CinemaCon April 24th.

According to The Hollywood Reportr , the head of film at Sony, Tom Rothmannawarded the iconic actor for his work in films.

Reflecting on Denzel’s career, Tom explained that “movie stars don’t matter anymore” and hoped all of his competitors would believe this because they mostly “disagree

“Real movie stars matter more than ever; they are rarer than ever. Streaming doesn’t create movie stars, only global hits do,” Tom said.

Denzel also took the stage to a sold-out crowd at Caesars Palace’s Coliseum, where he was immediately greeted by a rousing standing ovation.

The actor shared his reaction after receiving a standing ovation.

“Without all of you we would be nothing. What we do is worth nothing if you are not there, without your homes”the actor stated.

Denzel added: “We are here for you because of you and we thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been blessed beyond measure.”

Delving into the career of Denzel, Tom revealed over 30 years of career, Denzel has worked on 12 movies with him either as an actor or as a filmmaker with another, The Equalizer 3which will be released later this year .

“I’ve never seen him play a false note and neither have you”remembered Tom.

At the end, Tom added: “Denzel is an enduring and iconic supernatural talent.”

Later, Tom introduced Antoine fuqua to present the trophy to his longtime collaborator with whom he made the studio’s next sequel. Fuqua took note of Denzel’s two Oscars and nine nominations, and also praised Denzel’s friend’s ability to play characters with a “sense of dignity, honor and morality.”

After receiving his award, Denzel stated: “We would be nothing without all of you. What we do means nothing if you are not there, without your homes.”

“We are here for you, thanks to you and we thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been blessed beyond measure.”added the actor.

Meanwhile, the new franchise Equalizer is based on the television series, created by michael sloan and Richard Lindheim.

Speaking of the new trailer for his new movie, Denzel shares that he is surprisingly at home in southern Italy during the shoot.

“Thanks to these people, I am understanding real peace. I’m starting to believe that this is where I’m supposed to be.”added the actor.