With Sonia Isaza in the Maldives, Arturo Vidal meets with Marité Matus

Arturo vidal Y Marité Matus they separated in 2019. However, now they are together again. Arturo Vidal returned to Chile after winning the Copa Libertadores de América and the Copa do Brasil with Flamengo. At the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Arturo was released and decided to take advantage of that moment to enjoy his family.

Marité Matus and Arturo Vidal. Source: Pinterest

Apparently Marité Matus and Arturo Vidal have reunited, although their children are what unites them and a reconciliation would not be confirmed, if they are sharing moments together. Meanwhile, Arturo Vidal’s girlfriend, Sonia Isaza, is spending her days in paradise. The influencer traveled to the Maldives and from there she enjoys herself with her daughter.

The soccer player and Marité, in one of these moments together, have given a great gesture to their friend Gissella Gallardo, who was at the clinic accompanying her father, who is in poor health because he is a cancer patient. Marité and Arturo They went together to support Giselle, they said present, being one of the friends the couple made when they were together.

Marité visiting her friend’s father. Source: Instagram @maritematus

In the meantime sonia izasa He does not stop posting photos on mesh, enjoying an enviable lifestyle. What will Sonia think of her boyfriend’s encounters with her ex?

The opinion of the Colombian model is unknown until now, but what is in sight is that Arthur Y marite They are spending some beautiful family moments, which will remain forever etched in the memory of both. The former couple maintains a very good relationship as parents, and from time to time they find moments like this to enjoy their children.

Arturo Vidal and Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

sonia isaza He has managed to make enemies in Chile. Now, because she is away from Arturo, she is receiving many offensive comments, but they could reap what she herself has sown. A few weeks ago, Sonia defended Arturo vidal that she was receiving criticism for her work performance, and the Colombian model openly said: “That all critical Chileans die.”