With the support of Yerko to join VIÑA, Diego Urrutia received an incredible message from Daniel Alcaíno

Comedian diego urrutia is in full preparation for its presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival 2023. With little preparation time, the young comedian became the last confirmed number for the festival’s humor, after the loss of Yerko Puchento.

During the press conference prior to his presentation, Diego Urrutia revealed that he received messages of support from various exponents of comedy in Chile, including Daniel Alcainowho allowed Urrutia to receive Viña’s offer after his withdrawal from the festival.

“I received a message from several comedians, I did not imagine receiving good vibes, so attentive. Daniel also wrote to me and told me something very true: that if I had the courage to go and confirm the fact, it means that there is still courage to stand on that stage. Those words helped me a lot,” Urrutia said.

The young comedian stressed that he never hesitated to take the offer to appear in Viña del Mar, and that if he had had a little bit of doubt, he would have refrained from coming. Although he acknowledges that the preparation time was short, he has been very focused rehearsing and ordering his routine, to make it as effective as possible, and thus be able to offer the best to Tini and Emilia’s audience.

Diego Urrutia is in the final stretch of his preparation for his presentation in Viña del Mar, where he is expected to have an outstanding performance. With his courage and determination, the young comedian has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues in comedy, and is sure to wow everyone at Quinta Vergara.

In the following video you can see the complete press conference of Diego Urrutia in Viña