With Trollbeads, the Pan di Stelle become iconic jewels

A new collection is born that is inspired by the Barilla Group biscuits

It was 1983 when Mulino Bianco launched its first cocoa breakfast biscuit on the market Pan di Stelle, destined to enter the collective imagination of Italian families, associating immediately with the values ​​of dreams and magic. In 2007 Pan di Stelle becomes an autonomous brand, giving life to innovative products (snacks, cakes, cereals), all made with 100% Italian milk and cocoa from responsible supply chains and without palm oil, which immediately enter into a feeling with the taste of Italians. Today, from the meeting with Trollbeads, the Danish brand that first created the modular bracelet concept, Pan di Stelle biscuits become real jewels. In fact, a new collection created by Trollbeads and Pan di Stelle which is inspired by the icons of the Barilla Group’s ‘cult brand’.

A project also conceived to coincide with Christmas to offer unique jewels to always carry with you to tell the dreams and the magic of life. Handcrafted creations of the highest quality, in silver and finely handcrafted glass. A partnership based on the distinctive common values ​​of the two brands: attention to quality, refined design, creativity and customization. The Pan di Stelle by Trollbeads line is available from 30 November, in exclusive distribution for the Italian market and sold through the e-commerce platforms www.dedicatoate.pandistelle.it, trollbeads.com and at participating Trollbeads jewelers.

For about a year, in fact, Pan di Stelle and Mulino Bianco have given life to the innovative e-commerce project Dedicated to You: a platform that allows you to customize the packaging of the most popular products of Mulino Bianco and Pan di Stelle with names, photos, special dedications. For the Pan di Stelle by Trollbeads collection it is possible to compose your own unique bracelet, choosing the base and adding different and exclusive beads. Recently the dedicated.it platform has re-proposed, in a limited edition, the snack symbol of the 80s, the inimitable Soldino. While the latest idea is the Biscolettere, a new shortbread that depicts different letters of the alphabet and that can be used to compose tasty and funny dedications.

“The idea of ​​creating a Trollbeads collection inspired by the Pan di Stelle world was born in the frame of the innovative project Dedicated to you with the aim of presenting our customers with products that are always unique and exclusive. Dedicated to you always puts people at the center and allows them to personalize tasty and original gifts. Pan di Stelle and Trollbeads share the values ​​of dreams and magic and represent a special combination precisely on the occasion of the magical atmosphere of Christmas “, says Laura Pezzotta, Head of Personalization Unit Barilla Group. “The Pan di Stelle world lets us immerse ourselves in a dream made of goodness, sweetness and traditions and the ‘Dedicated to you’ project enters people’s hearts with playful ease and personalization. Trollbeads, on the other hand, has always created small works of art with care, dedication and infinite creativity, which they first become meticulous jewels and then stories, as many as there are our beads. We are happy with this collaboration in which these two universes meet and we would never have imagined having jewels that will literally make you greedy. But only where the magic is born can this happen ”, he points out Mihaela Zabrautanu, Marketing Manager of Perlunica srl, distributor of the Trollbeads brand in Italy.

The new jewelry collection finds expression in the skilled hands of Danish artisans and designers, led by Lise Aagaard, Art Director and founder of Trollbeads. Pan di Stelle by Trollbeads jewels, in addition to their design, are also characterized by the quality of the materials used and to be skilfully handcrafted. The beads, in 925 silver, are handcrafted using the ancient goldsmith technique of lost wax. It all starts with a drawing which is then transformed into a small wax model. From that prototype a unique and meaningful jewel will take shape. Each glass bead is processed from Murano glass rods which, melted in the flame and worked with the winding technique, are transformed into jewels. This process gives life to unpredictable creations and makes each bead unique, because it differs in shape and color shades.

To preserve the feelings and emotions of those who will wear the magic of a Pan di Stelle by Trollbeads jewel, the capsule consists of three beads made of silver and glass, a special bracelet that interprets the Pan di Stelle icons, a silver clasp ‘ Stardust ‘and the silver’ Comet Reindeer ‘bead. All auspicious symbols, with the idea of ​​never stopping dreaming. For those with a sweet tooth, it will be possible to savor the magic in the reflections of the diamond glass bead with cocoa, an expanse of cocoa covered with sugar stars. To complete the collection, the Pan di Stelle Bracelet, a jewel composed of a silver bracelet, a clasp and a glass bead studded with stars, to which is added the Pan di Stelle Biscuit Pendant, an icon of the brand faithfully reproduced with its 11 stars. The bracelet will be sold in sets at the special price of 99.00 euros.