Without a filter, Faloon Larraguibel attacks Instagram with an enraged comment against the infidels

The world of entertainment and Chilean television once again has a new episode to talk about. This time, it’s been Faloon LarraguibelZona Latina cheerleader, who has generated a stir on social media by sharing her views on unfaithful men.

It all started with a round of questions that the cheerleader asked on her Instagram account, where one of her followers asked her a question about a toxic relationship full of deceit. To which Faloon responded with a phrase full of optimism and hope, “at some point you will get out of it, friend. You will feel that.”

But without a doubt, the answer that generated the most controversy and debate was the one that Faloon gave to another follower who asked him about the reasons why men are unfaithful.

The cheerleader did not mince words and said that many men are unfaithful due to lack of respect for anything or anyone, for following the pattern of what they have always seen, and because they think it is right. In addition, she added that many stay with their partners for the children, but that is not a sufficient reason to justify infidelity.

This type of unfiltered and direct opinion has generated a large amount of comments on social networks, with opinions divided between those who support and those who question Faloon’s position.

In any case, it is undeniable that this cheerleader has managed to attract the attention of the media and her followers, generating a debate that has transcended the borders of social networks. Faloon Larraguibel has once again shown that she is a brave woman and willing to speak out on the most controversial and difficult issues.