Without a filter, Shakira uploads a HARD post that seems like a message to Piqué’s heart: "before the contempt"

Colombian singer Shakira He kicked off the year with a deep thought that apparently was a direct dart for his ex-partner Gerard Piqué on Sunday as he wrote an Instagram post about healing after the betrayal on New Year’s Day.

The singer, 45, and the former FC Barcelona player, 35, who have children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven, announced their separation in June after 11 years together.

Beginning the New Year with a short but accurate note, the Anthology interpreter wrote: “Although our wounds continue to be open in this new year, time has the hands of a surgeon.”

And he added: “Even if someone has betrayed us, we must continue to trust. In the face of contempt, continue to value oneself. Because there are more good people than indecent.”

Then he said: “More people who are empathetic than indolent. There are fewer who leave and more who stay by our side. Our tears are not a waste, they water the ground where the future will be born and make us more human, so that in the midst of from heartbreak you can continue to love”.

The separation of Shakira and Piqué

The former couple announced their separation in June 2022 after 11 years of relationship, and during December 2022 they said that they had reached an adequate arrangement for their children after a 12-hour conversation.

They formally signed the deal in Barcelona, ​​entering and exiting the pitch separately under the banner of their legal teams.

Gerard, who emotionally withdrew from soccer last month, is said to have given his blessing to his ex-partner’s move to Miami in the New Year with their two children to avoid a lengthy legal battle.

Shakira’s desire to move to the city where she used to live and part of her family is understood to have been the main sticking point in the couple’s earlier failure to settle out of court.

The Spanish press has also reported that Gerard will be able to spend ten days a month with his children as part of his custody agreement with Shakira, as well as vacations.

The Catalan newspaper El Periódico, laying bare what it described as the “fine print” of the couple’s agreement, said: “Gerard Piqué will have his children 10 days a month and all of the three vacation periods that apply in the United States, in addition to Christmas and the summer holidays, starting next year.